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Think about it: The higher your standards, the better decisions you will make. Raise your standards, or make a shift in your beliefs and values, and then you will make the right choices. The difference between two people who make opposite decisions in any given scenario is their own standards. To write that report, grab that cookie…or not. Ultimately, your standards are also linked to the level of hunger you have. Achievers, those people that are determined to succeed, have a hunger for success and as such will make better decisions because their standards are so high.

Achievers use failure to push through instead of letting it push them down. However, these values can be learned. Raising your standards, values or beliefs is not as hard as it may seem. Did you ever think about where your current values come from? They come from other people. Right now, you have a set of standards that may or may not be working for you. By entering your information on the Tony Robbins website, you agree that we may collect and use your personal information for marketing, and for other purposes, as set forth in our Privacy Policy, which we encourage you to review. Login Email:.

What can we help you find? She fills in the many areas where I am weak and turbocharges my strengths. In failure, she steadies my foundation. In success, she maintains a balanced perspective. The night before my mother died of ovarian cancer, she did a blood test, and we discovered she had the BRCA1 mutation. With this mutation, you have a roughly 90 percent chance of having breast cancer—which my mom had in her 30s—and you have a up to 70 percent chance of having ovarian cancer.

I got tested, and I tested positive for the defect. Then I had a choice to make. So in my 40s, I had a preventative double mastectomy, and then a couple of years later I had a hysterectomy and oophorectomy. With my genetics, I felt as if a bomb were going to go off at any minute. It has given me a great sense of relief, the feeling that I will have a longer runway in front of me, more time to spend with my own two daughters, more time to do the work that I love.

When I was younger, several people forced me to think seriously about planning for retirement. So I did that, kicking and screaming. That has allowed me to explore my art, without worrying about whether I work next week. I started downsizing and that has made such a huge difference. I have no interest in keeping up with the Joneses or anyone else. I chose to simplify and pare down, do what I want to do, be where I want to be. I have so many friends who are very well off and they are still having conversations about not being fulfilled. I grew up in Detroit, and everyone there worked in the automotive industry.

You pretty much decided between the big three: Chrysler, General Motors or Ford. But I was interested in entertainment and stand-up comedy and doing silly voices for a living. So I moved to Los Angeles and threw myself into the unknown fire. I also decided to forgo college, and everyone thought I was crazy. But I thought, No one in college is going to teach me how to do funny cartoon voices or how to be a comedy writer.

But it ended up being the best decision I ever made because it completely shaped and changed my world. Actor in Beverly Hills and Sharknado , and entrepreneur. I believe spending that capital doing good things for other people is the best way to spend it. When I was asked to participate in The Celebrity Apprentice , I felt lucky and honored to have the chance to raise money and awareness of a horrible disease called epidermolysis bullosa.

With that goal in mind, I came to the show with a no-lose mentality , and it was the best decision I ever made. At 40 years old I made a decision to run. I was going through a divorce and looking for positive outlets to channel my anger and anxiety, wishing especially not to channel them toward my 5-year-old daughter. So I laced up my shoes, walked out the door and started to run.

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That first run was brutal and, truth be told, almost every one of them has been brutal since that day. Running has opened up ideas of possibility for me; I see myself in a different light. Author of the New York Times best-seller, Blackout. I quit drinking at the age of I did not want to do it. It had been my rebellion, my path to adventure, my identity, my life companion and, eventually, my undoing.

I never thought that. My world had become so small by the end. Addiction is life on a very short leash. I was unhappy—no, miserable—for the first year of sobriety. I felt bitter and robbed, but with time I began to see how much I had been drinking away: my gifts, my clarity, this present moment. Sobriety was a chance to start my life over and discover all the joys in my own body that I had been drinking in order to find: confidence, creative inspiration, pleasure.

I am 41 now, a beginner in many ways, and I think of quitting drinking as the beginning of my adulthood—the moment I decided to take full responsibility for my life and, in doing so, finally made it great. The best decision that I ever made after my painful divorce was to keep my heart open to the idea that I could still find my true love in this lifetime. I started by writing a list of ideals that I desired in a marriage and marital partner, if I were ever to marry again.

I wanted someone who could share my values, spiritual beliefs, ambition, desire, drive, hopes, and big goals for the future.

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I wrote that we needed to have absolute love for each other and a mutual affinity for projects we undertook. I believe that clarity of thinking and spiritual alignment with God creates the space for dreams and goals to manifest. Once created, then you need to be awake and aware when the answered prayers show up on your path.

My answer presented at an Author conference. From the stage, I saw in the audience a vision of loveliness, charisma, style, and perfection in motion. Fortuitously, in the evening VIP reception where I was surrounded by people who were barraging me with questions. Opportunity presented itself. I responded. I broke from my group of fans and rushed to her rescue. I promised that I knew the secret doorway to the kitchen and the Club Soda to save her stained slacks.

I took her hand and rushed us out of the questioning throngs, and once the club soda was procured, I was able to chat a little bit with her to find out more about her. We had instant camaraderie and after a few minutes of chatting, I knew there was something very special about this woman, and our encounter. Even her name, Crystal, seemed like the perfect fit. I gently invited Crystal to dine at a nice restaurant in the in Hollywood neighborhood, and she admitted she was starving, as was I.

When we arrived at the restaurant, the line to get in was long and a hundred dollar bill would not gain entry, I felt assured. And who are you? Throughout our courtship, I would have to pinch myself because it really seemed as though my dreams had truly been fulfilled. Eight years later we are happily married, beyond what either of us ever imagined could have happened. Crystal is my Twin Flame and I am hers. After almost giving up on love after my bitter divorce, the decision I made to find the courage to continue to believe in my dreams and goals, and in the divine power that orchestrates them into reality is the best decision I have ever or will ever make.

I never intended to be a doctor and took a consulting job after I graduated as a math and economics major from Duke. I began volunteering at a free health clinic and it was there that I found my true calling.

7 Keys to Making the Right Decision the First Time and Every Time

The best decision I ever made was to take a leap of faith and go back to medical school. I took the prerequisite classes needed at night while continuing to work. I still remember, like it was yesterday, shedding tears of joy as I sat on my front porch reading my medical school acceptance letter. My career in medicine has given my life purpose and helping people live the healthiest life possible has become my true passion.

2. John Paul DeJoria

Robert Frost suggested that the best path was the less predictable one. Blake Shelton Country music star and The Voice judge The best decision I ever made was two weeks out of high school I moved to Nashville to pursue my dream of being a country singer. That day I rolled myself onto the court, and I decided to keep playing. Seth Godin Author and entrepreneur The best decision I ever made was the decision to start making decisions.

Alan Parsons Songwriter, musician and record producer Who would turn down working with Pink Floyd in their heyday? I did.