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Made this recipe at work almost to the letter.

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The only difference was the brand of worchestershire wasn't Lea and Perrins. It seems like this might have been an error because the sauce ended up surprisingly runny and a little weaker in flavor than I would have liked. My chef also wanted it a lot sweeter so I ended up adding at least g of honey making it more akin to what my childhood self would have preferred.

When I tried adding molasses though it didn't seem to work for me. Either way great job guys. Really surprised by how much vitriol this recipe has inspired. Plan on making this sauce to serve along side some pulled pork - can you tell me the volume of a single recipe. I love a perfectly paired BBQ sauce with a great piece of meat.

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Sous Vide. All About Sous Vide. Complete Guide to Packaging. Although commercial production declined after the Civil War, this superior variety is known and loved to this day.

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Not for Northern gardeners, Carolina Gold is a long-season, true paddy rice requiring flooding for good cultivation, and support for the plants as they reach maturity. Customer Reviews Related Items. Number of Reviews: 3. Easy to Grow 4. EarlyMaturity 2. Date: September 1, Easy to Grow 5. What are the pros? Ease of maintenance What are the cons? Needs netting. Was this review helpful? Date: October 11, EarlyMaturity 3. What are the cons? They began the day riding out on the water trying to find wild oysters to harvest that already were not in a private bed. The quality and abundance they found was very, very low.

Once they decided that was what they were going to do, they immediately did research. Following their research, they discovered what it takes to grow an oyster from start to finish and that it was going to be a tedious process. Tyler and Norris applied for a lease through the NC Division of Marine Fisheries and after 8 long months, they were granted the lease!

Carolina Gold Oysters will be the meaning of a true, wild oyster.

Carolina Gold

Carolina Gold Oysters are grown in the wild, just like any other wild oyster! Oysters feed off the natural plankton and algae organisms that already grow in the water.

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To have a general idea, the water column is measured from the bottom surface of the body of water to the top surface of the body of water. This area of the water column is proven to be the highest quality of food provided by Mother Nature. Because Carolina Gold Oysters are growing in the water column, they never touch the mud, which is preventative of being gritty and muddy when harvested. A Carolina Gold Oyster, a 10 to millimeter seedling to a full 3-inch oyster, takes between months fastest growing and months slowest growing.