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They wanted the red balloon. The boy came home and when his mummy came home she opened that window and threw the balloon out. Then the balloon came back and it came a little bit near the window and the boy got it. He hid the balloon in his bedroom because he liked the balloon. The boy was looking for his balloon. The red balloon popped and the boy felt sad. He wanted it to stay. All the other balloons came and took the boy up in the sky. The NGA is open No chance at all.

So, sleep well Brave little girl as there are no nightmares anymore. The book was given as a gift to him by my aunt who is involved in Children literature in Boise, Idaho. But I digress!

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I had not heard back from Andrea or Ross for months. Then, I checked their site more closely and a chill fell over me that Andrea was diagnosed with Breast cancer and she was fighting the battle with fantastic support. Since we had, not so long ago, had a very dear and close family member pass away from Breast Cancer I felt numb. I felt bad that I had bothered them with my request. I did not know what to do, just as I had felt when our family member was diagnosed.

Just last week, I got an email from Andrea.


I was excited to hear from her. She is fighting and raising awareness. She is running to raise money for the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation and she needs support to reach her goal, The Boy and the Red balloon were very happy to help her in their own small way and if you would like you can do the same. As I have said before in the book, the message is simple: Believe……. I am honored to be among those selected and will be present to read, answer questions and speak with everyone including those young impressionable minds who will be attending!

Read more about it. This is a very open, informal setting so you can come and mingle with all the authors, including me. Ask questions, browse and also get to experience the atmosphere of an awesome bookstore that is top class! I was interviewed, a week or so ago, by Susan Dibble , the Daily Herald columnist.

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She was a class act. I am not the type of person who likes to be in the spot light, in fact, far from it! I was overwhelmed by the response I got when I started to read the book for those beautiful, hungry eyes who could barely contain themselves in their seats!

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At one point I could not even finish the sentences because they were finishing them for me…. It was pure enthusiasm and exhilaration! Sure, there were some very funny moments…… like one boy licking his right hand then after a while licking both hands while Mrs. K , the teacher, was trying to subdue him……. I was amazed at the response from the girls… they were bright and engaged as much if not more than the boys! Here is the You Tube video :. All and all, I have to say it is not the size of the crowd for a book reading that matters but the effect that it has, the level of engagement, the pure exchange of love between the reader, the words and the listeners!

I managed to be a vehicle and I hope to make that a reality furthermore in the near future! It motivated me to write a more!!! In this process I also have made connections with people in unlikely places, across the pacific ocean, such a wonderful person named Jason Surguine who allowed me to use his music, his song, in this video. He is very talented not just musically but also in designing games and writing! And always remember to Believe in the power of love, because you can get it from an unlikely place and it my be right in front of you, you just have to be open to it!

Profile picture on Facebook will change from all blue in commemoration Autism awareness month back to a new one!!! Thank you for your support for the cause Remember to always believe and give unconditional love. It is a reality! I am sad that I will not be able to have a chance to see the performances but I am sure they will bring joy to the lives of many children and adults alike as much as the original film has done for many years.

I am so thankful that I had the support of so many beautiful people behind me. I will give them proper credit very soon. Insipiration can be like a lightning bolt…… It hits……you have two choices…….. Suddenly, I was hit with that lightning bolt. That night I wrote the book in 1 hour. Maybe the triple shot of espresso I had helped too!!!! Now , the result is here.

I am proud of it because it is from the heart. I hope anyone who reads it will feel something. And, if it does not, I will be grateful that I touched maybe one or two people, hopefully in a positive way. The lighting bolt is harnessed into a positive force. In fact, I am honored to donate some of the proceeds from the book to two charities that are near and dear to my heart, first: Make a Wish foundation and second: Autism Speaks.

You can be assured that reading this book may even grant a wish to a child in need or help in a minute way pave the way to heal another. My best wishes to everyone who has dream and oh yes….. I almost forgot… here is the link to purchase the book:. No, in all seriousness it is my aim to help evoke and nurture positive emotions. In my opinion, nothing is more powerful than the written word—yet when one adds the visuals it allows the child and the child inside the adult!

That leaves room for interpretations that could range from quite simple to bizarre and far-fetched.

The Red Balloon: A Story for the Children of the World

But I digress…. So, I am going against my own advice and put a little 30 second video together to express MY own emotions about the book. And remember to always be positive in face of everything that might lead you to believe otherwise!

I got some excellent feedback last weekend about the book last weekend. Pinging is currently not allowed. John Vilalta says:. August 4, at pm.

The best theology is probably no theology; just love one another.

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