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Why Your Comfort Zone Is the Most Dangerous Place to Live

In graduate school I took a public speaking class and the professor had us deliver speeches — using notes — every class. Then, after the third or fourth class, we were told to hand over our notes and to speak extemporaneously.

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I was terrified, as was everyone else in the course, but you know what? It actually worked.

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  • If You’re Not Outside Your Comfort Zone, You Won’t Learn Anything.

I did just fine, and so did everyone else. In fact, speaking without notes ended up being much more effective, making my speaking more natural and authentic. But without this mechanism of forcing me into action, I might never have taken the plunge.

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Start with small steps. Instead of jumping right into speaking at an industry event, sign up for a public speaking class. Instead of speaking up in the boardroom, in front of your most senior colleagues, start by speaking up in smaller meetings with peers to see how it feels. In the end, even though we might feel powerless in situations outside our comfort zone, we have more power than we think.

So, give it a go. Be honest with yourself, make the behavior your own, and take the plunge. Dutton ; 4 mins read. Your email address will not be published.

6 Reasons To Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

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Yerkes and John D. Dodson explained that a state of relative comfort creates a steady level of performance.

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Pushing ourselves too far, however, can have adverse effects and, therefore, reinforces the idea that challenging oneself is too risky an endeavor. The risks of staying firmly inside our comfort zones, however, are that much greater; it creates psychological barriers that can lead to palpable limitations that move from perception into reality.

And time is of the essence. Being alone, foreign to a place and its people, amplifies my adrenaline, but it also exacerbates exhaustion. In order to put yourself out there, whether in travel, work or in your personal life, you have to be confident and believe in yourself. Only when self-assurance exceeds any angst can you put yourself in a situation in which you could very well fail. While breaking out of your comfort zone means dabbling in new things, you have to be true to yourself. Simply, you have to be cognitive of your surroundings and your own self with regards to your own abilities and disabilities—but nonetheless stay willing to take risks.

Safety takes precedence in putting yourself out there, second only to pleasure in its many forms. This means deciphering legitimized apprehension from irrational fear.

How Do I Get out of My Comfort Zone?

It means being mindful of what is going on around you and trusting your gut to say no or, on the contrary, seize an experience despite cold feet. Why are you looking to move outside of your comfort zone? What are you looking to gain? Be sure to surround yourself with new people who empower you in those respects. Keep attentive of your company and do things with intention, but always welcome spontaneity. Put your phone away and feel yourself soak it in. Embrace the present and the space in which you occupy; doing so will also help you find personal meaning from an experience that might just motivate you to try something new again the next time.

Say yes, sometimes impulsively. If a different food intrigues you, try it. If you think too much before making a decision, you can easily talk yourself out of a good time.